Publications (Sel.)

Sasha R. Gregor’s ‘ThermoSibirsk’, a thermographic series on global warming. CLOT Magazine
Lacrimosa, By Sasha R. Gregor. Art The Science

Lacrimosa— Bucear en una lágrima. Neo2 Magazine
Lacrimosa. La aventura del saber. Boek visual: Sasha R. Gregor. La aventura del saber RTVE
ThermoSibirsk, the global warning. Photographic Museum of Humanity

Min Turab. National Geographic USA Magazine. Feb 2018 Vol. 233
Min Turab. Subjectively objective. The Vernacular of Landscape catalogue. USA
Atenea. Fotocinema Magazine, Núm. XX

Beagle 2.0. La maleta de Port Bou Magazine, Núm. 24
BEAGLE 2.0, de Sasha R. Gregor. Culturaca
Beagle 2.0. Self-published photobook

Lacrimosa. Fotomicrografías de la emoción. La mirada científica de lo cotidiano en la obra
de Sasha R. Gregor. By Ricard Guixà

‘Lacrimosa’: a new iconography of crying. By Ricard Guixà
’10-9’: The mystery of everyday life. By Ricard Guixà

Beagle 2.0


The project Beagle 2.0 has been materialised in a physical model that includes its characteristic elements, where the Google Street View…

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The mystery of everyday life

The astonishing images that modern microscopes provide us with reveal an invisible universe with a complexity so far beyond our expectations that it is difficult to imagine…

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A new iconography of crying

In the ambitious “Lacrimosa” project, Sasha creates conceptual portraits by using a Nomarski Interference Microscope to take pictures of his own tears and those of others, among them his family and friends and public figures such as the cyclist Alberto Contador, the ex-minister Leire Pajín, the singer Monica Naranjo and the actress Paula Echevarría…

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Photomicography of emotion

A scientific look at everyday life in the work of Sasha R. Gregor

Ever since it was developed, photography has been closely linked to science because of its ability to create documentary visual representations of the world. With time, the descendants of that first daguerreotype surpassed humans’ perceptive abilities, and they took on a role as authentic purveyors of previously inaccessible knowledge of the nature of reality…

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