ThermoSibirsk is a series that analyzes —through thermal photography— the correlations between energy and knowledge, as well as technological progress and its undeniable links with survival and destruction in a context of global environmental impact. The project has been carried out in Siberia, one of the regions of the planet most affected by climate change. Equipped with a thermographic camera, Gregor focuses on the visually intangible energies that unfold from the icy Siberian daily life —where any manifestation of life symbolizes an act of achievement— to the new expressions of global warming. If the steam engine converted heat into movement, here the thermographic camera transforms the temperature into an image, acting at once as interpreter and record, both of human action and the mark it leaves on the territory. 

During the Trans-Siberian route on which the “ThermoSibirsk” project was conceived, Sasha R. Gregor filmed a video about the experience of the train journey between Moscow and Vladivostok. The result is “Siberia”, a sensory movie about time and change, a symphony of light and movement about a colossal route that connects old Europe with the shores of the Pacific.

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